Harnessing IT to monitor a proxy of the behavior through digital tools that construct a digital phenotype to aid in deviations from pretraumatic behavior


Laboratory findings – Single approx 25-min behavioural intervention (reminder + filler + mental rotation instructions for Tetris game play) 24 hours after trauma: tested after experimental trauma but not real-world trauma. Main outcome is reduction of intrusive memories over 1 week. Neither game play alone not trauma reminder cue alone was sufficinet: full intervention package is needed.


Other molecular/genetic markers can be used at any time to aid in prognosis and prediction of risk


Sleep deprivation – some benefit (Porcheret, 2015). Not benefitial in reduction of traumatic intrusions (Sopp, 2020). Data is contradictory (Porcheret, 2019). week: sleeping “too little” or “too much” was associated with more intrusive memories (Porcheret, 2020).