(A) Assignment of a taks force that assambles and addresses specific roles.(B) Target team deals with:

1. Emergency departments;

2. social media;

3. coordination and monitoring of NGO activities;

4. be in touch with the official media taking care of the information that getting out.


Education of:

(A) First responders;

(B) ED staff;

(C) NGO’s, policy makers, ect.


For selected group (first responder, military, uniformed personnel, nurses, ect.) possibility of using of cognitive training was proposed (Badura-Brack et al, 2015).


A) Guidelines which take into consideration the agents;

B) Preparation of teams;

C) Preparation of the possibility to monitor the social media and preparing open channel with the Media;


Social Media could be part of the attack, therefore during the Golden Hours (GH) more restriction on the social media content should be planned in advance and applied*


Demografic characteristics of exposed population (sleep, sex, education, loss, prior exposure to trauma, any pre-existing psy diagnosis, extensive response, dissociation)


For those adults who are at high rist for a exposure to teror “Captivity training” (Approaches for the preparation to terror) is reccomended.


Communication channels with different media channels (e.g., Twitter, LinkedIn, TV, Radio, Written Pres etc.) should be prepared