(A) Assignment of a taks force that assambles and addresses specific roles.(B) Target team deals with:

1. Emergency departments;

2. social media;

3. coordination and monitoring of NGO activities;

4. be in touch with the official media taking care of the information that getting out.


Social Media could be part of the attack, therefore during the Golden Hours (GH) more restriction on the social media content should be planned in advance and applied*


Demografic characteristics of exposed population (sleep, sex, education, loss, prior exposure to trauma, any pre-existing psy diagnosis, extensive response, dissociation)


For those adults who are at high rist for a exposure to teror “Captivity training” (Approaches for the preparation to terror) is reccomended.


Communication channels with different media channels (e.g., Twitter, LinkedIn, TV, Radio, Written Pres etc.) should be prepared


 Chain of command, including responsibilities regarding:

a) communication, media;

b) defining professional leaders;

c) logistics, basic needs, shelter means of communication (cell phone);

d) resources;

e) home security/internal affairs.


Education of:

(A) First responders;

(B) ED staff;

(C) NGO’s, policy makers, ect.


For selected group (first responder, military, uniformed personnel, nurses, ect.) possibility of using of cognitive training was proposed (Badura-Brack et al, 2015).