Demographic characteristics of exposed children and families (sleep, sex, education, loss, prior exposure to trauma, any pre-existing psy diagnosis, family situation, extensive response, special needs)


Children have a higher risk of developing psychological problems. Children are at risk when they are too young to be able to express their symptoms verbally or when the ability of parents to support them is diminished.


Identify child specific needs across developmental needs and interventions (public messages, parenting tips) to address concerns


Prepare coordination channels between child-serving systems, guardians, and children


Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, ect.) is likely to be part of the terror attack but also part of the helping response, therefore a plan should be in place determining contingencies . During the Golden Hours (GH) the conditions under which severe restriction on the social media content should be planned in advance and applied, who will monitor social media, and how to use social media to communicate response or foster self-efficacy. Messages for children and parents should be pepared in advance. Information on how to calm oneself, social media that can engage children without accessing information maybe considered.